Total commitment to student welfare

SETs five Thai and three nonThai trustees bring a perfect balance to all aspects of the foundations work. Between them they have long experience in education, student welfare, social development, charity organization and business management.

The trustees are Mr Sievert Larsson (president), Mr Peter Robinson (director), Associate Professor Mrs Supaporn Pornpibul, Dr Teeppipat Suntawan (treasurer), Ms Dalad Anuttarunggoon (secretary), Mr Adrian Topham, Mrs Ploenpit Grataychan and Dr Phisarn Khrusang. (Dr Phisarn is a former SET scholarship student and was supported all the way through his studies, from high school to PhD). The trustees do not simply serve on a committee. They all take an active part in SET’s activities, often travelling to remote parts of Thailand to personally present scholarships and welfare grants.

SET has two paid members of staff – Mr Sorasing Kaowai and Mr Naret Muenrod. Both are former scholarship students and were supported from high school to Master degree level. Between them they have Bachelor or Master degrees in Teaching, Education Quality Assurance, Computer Programming, English, Management and Social Development.

In addition to SET’s own trustees and staff, we work with around 70 volunteers at our scholarship centers. Between them, they interview thousands of new students at the beginning of each academic year to find those who are most deserving of SET support. We couldn’t work so efficiently without them.