Giving them the confidence to speak

Thai youngsters are generally considered poor at English, but get them out of the classroom and into a relaxed environment and it’s sometimes surprising how well they can actually speak.

Even when they’re held on school premises, English camps are a great way of boosting students’ speaking confidence. Younger students especially seem more attentive in the fun environment of an out-of-classroom camp and worry less about making mistakes in their spoken English.

SET usually organizes four or five camps each year with about 120 youngsters attending each of therm. Each camp has a budget of 25,000 Baht but we can only sponsor a camp if we have a ‘dedicated’ donation specifically to cover the cost. Since 2015, the camps have been sponsored by a grant to SET from the British Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok.

The camps are run voluntarily by native English-speakers; usually young British or American teachers working in Nakhon Sawan high schools or universities.